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Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet is located on the outskirts of the municipality of Hvidovre, close to Rødovre and Valby. The residence is situated directly next to a large green space, which provides good opportunities for jogging or walking, especially if the trip goes past Brøndby Woods, just 1000 meters from the residence.

The residence is very close to Rødovre Station, and it is only 14 minutes in the train from the green areas to the heart of the city.
Indoors, the residence is decorated with the many colorful wall decorations done by the well-known Poul Gernes, who has also painted the colorful cinema, Palads, in Copenhagen. There are 361 rooms in the students’ residence, all of which are the same in size and shape, but with the one difference that half of the rooms are mirrored compared to the rest. There is a bathroom and built-in cupboards in all rooms. There are 7 floors, each with 52 rooms. On each floor there are three kitchens, each shared by
17-18 residents.