Parking & Garages

As a resident you can gain free acces to the carpark area – permanent parking & guest parking. As well as the car parking you have free access to bike parking.

Car Parking

Please read the rules for permanent and guest parking.
How to gain access to guest parking:

Step 1: Download the App: “DP Mobile Parking”  –>  iOS & Android.
Step 2: Fill out the Parking Registration form below.
Step 3: Open the app and register.
Step 4: Wait until you are granted access (our parking lot will appear on the map & may take some few days).
Step 5: Congratulations! You can now park!

NOTE: The limit is three cars at a time, so if you expect more guests at once, you should pick up additional parking tickets in the office.

Bike Basements

Park your bike in the basement to make sure that your bike will stay dry and warm during the winters, the rainy days etc.


There are 11 garages that can be rented by contacting the inspector

by e-mail: or at the office.

Parking Registration Form

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