The purpose of the ballroom is to offer a place for parties and other arrangements.

There may be a total of 4 parties every month except December, January, May, and June. This is due to the fact that exams are usually being held during these months.

In order to rent this room:

You must fill out the form at the bottom of this page

Pay the deposit of 500 DKK upfront to receive a confirmation mail (NB! The room is not booked until the deposit is received).

Rent payment is due 5 working days before the reserved date. (NB! Failure to pay the rent will result in the reservation being removed and losing the deposit).

Cancellation of the reservation is prior 10 days before the event (NB! Failure to do so will result in losing the deposit).

All payments can be made by MobilePay: 422446 (Remember to write ballroom in the comment section) or Cash in an envelope to the resident council room in the basement. (Remember to write ballroom, name, and room nr.)

The ballroom can be rented for different types of events with different rent variations.

There are four types of events:
• Public/Open party: No rent!
• Semi-public party: 250 DKK. Semi-public means that other residents are welcome after 22:00.
• Private/Closed party: 500 DKK.
• Other arrangements: 100 DKK. (NB! An event that doesn’t serve alcohol or play music) 

You are required to announce the event on the Facebook group (Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet) one week before it’s held.

The ballroom must be tidied up and cleaned. Instructions on cleaning the room and cleaning equipment will be available upon renting the room and located in the cleaning closet.

Before the key is handed back to a resident council member, it will be checked if the room is cleaned and if the music and lights are functioning as they should when the key is received. If the music system is broken by the tenant or guests of the tenant, the tenant is fully liable for the costs that may arise from replacing the music system. When all has been checked by a resident council member, you will receive your deposit back by MobilePay or cash in the mailbox

All the terms and conditions regarding the ballroom can be downloaded

The refund will take up to 4 weeks.

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