Garbage & Recycling

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Regular kitchen garbage is put in the waste bags provided by the inspector, you can find them on the doorstep to his office, and must be closed properly before being dumped down the rubbish chutes. These chutes are placed by the staircase in the house ends. Because of security issues and for the sake of the refuse collectors, it is important that the bags are closed properly.



The following waste requires special treatment:


  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Batteries

Waste thrown away irresponsibly, and which can be traced back to a resident, will result a complaint from the Residents’ Council.

Corridors and staircases

It is not allowed to place any forms of bulky refuse, bicycles or anything else in the corridors and on the staircases. If such is discovered, you must remove it immediately. In case of a subsequent offense your lease will be reconsidered.

This is among other things in consideration of the fire authorities’ demand of free passage to the staircases and it must therefore also be noticed that the glass doors by the elevator should be kept shut to prevent a fire spreading.



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