The municipality of Hvidovre is the supervising authority. This means that the municipality must approve the residence’s budget every year before the beginning of the fiscal year, and any increase in the rent. The residence’s ended fiscal year must also be approved by the municipality. The residents, and also the resident council, must have a presentation of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year and the ended fiscal year on an ordinary resident meeting. The meetings are held minimum one time every year. The residence’s accounts must also be approved by the municipality. The municipality of Hvidovre must in addition to this inspect that the legal conditions are in order.

The committee

The residence is an independent institution, managed by a committee of 7 persons:

  • Two people appointed by the municipality of Hvidovre.
  • Two people from the Resident Council.
  • The inspector from the residence.
  • There are furthermore two extra seats.

The members of the committee are unpaid. Therefore, a business manager is employed to take care of the daily operation, including materials used by the committee, such as accounts and budgets. The business manager is KKIK. The committee meets twice a year.

The Residents’ Council

The Residents’ Council consists of 7 members, one from each floor, if possible. The council members are elected for a 2-year period by a simple majority vote. The council only consists of residents at the dorm. The work in the council consists of the following:

  • Administration of the Students’ Residences’ Union funds.
  • Dealing with complaints about residents.
  • Improvement of the dorm in general.
  • Organizing social activities.

In addition to this, the council hosts one annual general assembly for the residents at the dorm, where the budget – accounts and ended fiscal year – are presented to the residents. The Resident Council has meetings once a week. To get in touch with the council, use the letterbox in the basement at the council’s room, located near the large bicycle room. You can also reach the council by writing them using the following email address:

The members of the Resident Council are listed on the noticeboard
in the plastic frame at the entrance.