House Rules

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Cl. 1 Accepted behaviour


If you as a tenant experience breach of the house rules, then you are obliged to notify the person breaching the house rules. If the behaviour is not improved, you have a right as a tenant to make a complaint about the person breaching the house rules, see cl. 10.


You are obliged to participate in the cleaning of the joint kitchen and to tidy up and clean up after yourself and any guests every time that you have used the kitchen.


You must consider the needs of your neighbours and of your tenants living above and below when it comes to peace and quiet when reading and during the night. This is especially important during the exam periods December-January and MayJune. However, in general it is not allowed to be noisy if it causes inconvenience for the tenants living nearby.


It is not allowed to use a drilling machine or to hammer in nails between 22.00 and 9.00. General noise (e.g. from music) should also be limited during this time span.


If you receive an oral complaint due to noise, you must immediately accept the complaint and reduce your noise.


Base units (including subwoofers and integrated base units in loud speakers) must be adjusted to a minimum, since resonance is easily created between the floors, which may be at nuisance for the tenants at Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet.


Damage and vandalism on buildings and inventory must immediately be reported to the manager. You are fully liable to pay damages if the damage is not related to ordinary wear and tear.


Student residence tenants bear the full responsibility for the behaviour of their guests, and the guests must observe the house rules. The tenants are liable for damage caused by their guests, if the guests refuse to pay any compensation.


It is strictly forbidden to misuse the fire alarm and the fire extinguisher equipment. Misuse of the fire alarm may result in cancellation of the tenancy contract. If fire extinguishing units arrive and there is no fire, the costs are DKK 6,000 which must be paid by the person misusing the fire alarm or the fire extinguisher equipment.

Cl. 2 Animals


It is not allowed to keep animals. It is strictly forbidden for visitors to bring animals to the student residence.


Any violation hereof will result in a reminder from KKIK with a time limit of 3 days to get rid of the animal from the student residence.

Cl. 3 Painting of room


Painting of rooms and kitchens are subject to prior agreement with the manager. It is strictly forbidden to paint halls and joint facilities.


When a tenant moves out of the student residence, then the tenancy must be restored to its original state in accordance with the tenancy contract/maintenance rules.

Cl. 4 Storage of things


No bikes, furniture, drying racks or similar must be stored in the halls or in the room in front of the elevators due to cleaning and escape routes in case of emergencies.


It is forbidden to leave objects at the stairwell.


Furniture and small objects must be binned in the waste containers in the waste yard in front of the student residence.

Cl. 5 Disposal of waste


Organic waste must be disposed using the waste shafts. The shafts can be found at the end of the halls at the stairs of each floor. Waste must be disposed in biodegradable bags.


Any other waste must be sorted and binned in the correct bins.


Please see the waste rules that have been put up at the shafts.

Cl. 6 Joint rules regarding the kitchens


As part of the tenancy at Rebæk Søpark Kollegium the tenants have access to a joint kitchen. The rules that apply for the kitchens as regards cleaning and ordinary maintenance also apply for the rooms. It is the responsibility of the users to organize themselves in a way whereby the kitchen can be kept clean.


All residents have the possibility to use the kitchen facilities and they must therefore make sure to participate in the cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen. Cooking is only allowed in the joint kitchen, and it is not allowed to connect any cooking plates etc. as well as combi fridge freezers in the rooms.


The users of the kitchen are solely responsible for the general cleaning. It is recommended that the kitchen is cleaned once a week and furthermore that the kitchen is cleaned entirely every 6 months.


The individual kitchen must adopt its own rules, which must apply for the use of the facilities. The rules are adopted at a kitchen meeting notified 7 days before the meeting. The tenants of each individual kitchen who are present have a right to vote. Simple majority will determine the rules for the kitchen.


If the kitchen is not cleaned regularly, the person responsible for the kitchen can contact the tenants’ council or the manager regarding the cleaning problems. This also applies for complaints regarding tenants who do not clean.


The tenants’ council may come up with a proposal for a cleaning plan and guidance for the cleaning of the kitchen in order to create a good kitchen environment. A member of the tenants’ council may participate in a kitchen meeting, if necessary.


In order to keep an appropriate hygiene level, you are recommended to follow the instructions from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. If the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration checks the kitchen and the kitchen does not live up to the health standards, the consequence may be that the kitchen will be closed.


If the cleaning of the kitchen results in poor maintenance of the kitchen, e.g. cooking odours on the walls, ruined cabinet doors or similar, the manager may order a cleaning company to clean the kitchen properly. The costs for this will be taken from the joint kitchen box or will be added to the next rent from the tenants.


It is not allowed to connect extra/new combi fridge freezers. All white goods are the responsibility of the student residence. The total number of fridges for each kitchen is 2 and the same applies for the number of freezers.


When moving out from a kitchen, the used space must be cleaned as well as any joint objects.

Cl. 7 Windows


It is not allowed to have any balcony flower boxes on the French window, i.e. on the outer glass when you open the window.


It is forbidden to cover the window with foil or any other form of coverage as well as to place objects between the window and the built-in pallets in the rooms. This is because damage may occur on the window, since violation of the above will result in heat generation due to lack of air circulation around the window.

Cl. 8 Smoking


All joint facilities are smoke-free. This applies to fitness rooms, pool and table tennis rooms, laundry, party rooms, reading rooms, bars, hobby rooms, bicycle basements and kitchens.


Reference is made to the outside areas for smoking.


If the smoking (regardless of which kind) is of nuisance to other tenants, the smoker must reduce the nuisance as much as possible.

Cl. 9 Sublease


If you wish to sublease your room, please contact KKIK at


Sublease of rooms with no valid sublease contract is illegal. Therefore, breach of this clause will result in a report to KKIK, which may choose to cancel the tenant’s contract.

Cl.10 Complaint


If a tenant experiences breach of the above provisions, the tenant has a right to complain to the tenants’ council, which will deal with the complaint subsequently in accordance with the complaint procedure issued by the tenants’ council.


The tenants’ council may in special circumstances pass on the case directly to Kollegiernes Kontor in Copenhagen recommending that a warning is issued pursuant to the provisions of the Danish Rent Act or in special circumstances to cancel the tenancy of the tenant of whom the complaint was made.


In these house rules, special circumstances will be interpreted as behaviour, which are considered as violent, including common assault, serious violence, threatened violence, vandalism and misuse of fire extinguisher equipment.



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