Study Room

The study room is for everyone to use.
It is a great place to study and for other activities.

The dorm has an activities group that holds board game nights in the study room.
To be a part of this group use the link below:


In the study room, you have access to wifi, a printer, a projector, and an HDMI connected to the projector for movies or watching football with your friends. 


  • The printer can be used by all the residents of RSk for free.
  • The printer is maintained by the resident council (Inform the council if you encounter any problems).
  • It prints only in black and white.
  • Be mindful while using the printer. Do not print an entire textbook. 

Movie/ game night

  • You have to make a post on the Facebook group two days before the movie night to inform the resident. 
  • If someone wants to study there, you can’t kick that person out. 
  • You cannot have anything planned during the exam week. 
  • Please clean up after yourself.
  • Please remember it is a study room and not a dining room.