Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet is located on the outskirts of the municipality of Hvidovre, close to Rødovre and Valby. The residence is situated directly next to a large green space, which provides good opportunities for jogging or walking, especially if the trip goes past Brøndby Woods, just 1000 meters from the residence.

The residence is very close to Rødovre Station, and it is only 14 minutes in the train from the green areas to the heart of the city.

Indoors, the residence is decorated with the many colorful wall decorations done by the well-known Poul Gernes, who has also painted the colorful cinema, Palads, in Copenhagen. There are 361 rooms in the students’ residence, all of which are the same in size and shape, but with the one difference that half of the rooms are mirrored compared to the rest. There is a bathroom and built-in cupboards in all rooms. There are 7 floors, each with 52 rooms. On each floor there are three kitchens, each shared by
17-18 residents.

The students’ residence is an independent institution. This means that we as residents own the place that is then run by a committee consisting of residents, selected individuals from the local municipal council and prominent individuals from the local education authorities.

The committee has employed an administrative company (KKIK) to be in charge of the daily administration, and an inspector, who is in charge of the daily operation of the residence. A residents’ meeting is held at least once a year, through which the local resident democracy is upheld. Outside the meetings, the democracy is managed by the resident elected Beboerråd (Residents’ Council).

The neighborhood


At Rebæk Søpark Shopping Center you will find a Lidl, a pizzeria and a plastic shop, where you can buy all sorts of things. At Hvidovre Station Center you will find Kiwi+ and Rema 1000 as well as several specialized shops. Netto is situated at the crossroads of Tårnvej and Roskildevej, as well as on Hvidovrevej. The OK Service Station across the road is open until 23:00 every day.

10 minutes by bike or 5 minutes by the bus from Rødovre Station takes you to Rødovre Centrum. It is a comfortable shopping mall with everyday commodities and many specialized shops.

Other facilities

The large Hvidovre Main Library is situated next to Hvidovre Town Hall around 5 km from the students’ residence. If you feel like taking a trip in the nature, the Damhus Lake is around 2 km from the students’ residence, Vestvolden is ideal for a bike ride and just 6 km away is Brøndby Beach. Brøndby Woods is 500 meters away. It can be seen in the west, when you stand by Rebæk Lake. At Rebæk Lake hungry ducks and swans live and next to it is a large playing field. If you take to water like a duck, you can also find such activities nearby. Vestbadet is only 1 km away. Here is both in- and outdoors swimming pools, sauna, Turkish bath, solarium and a gym.

If the need arises, police and hospital are not far away. Hvidovre Hospital is roughly 10 minutes away with bus 200S and has a 24 hours’ emergency room, where everyone can ask for help. You should be aware that they prefer if you call 1813, to talk to a nurse, before you go to the emergency room. If you take the 200S from Rødovre Station in the opposite direction you will reach the Rødovre Shopping Center after 5 minutes. Here you will find the local police authorities.